Club Penguins 5th Anniversary!

Hey guys! 😀

Finally! Club Penguin’s 5th anniversary! Let’s check it out!

Here’s the Coffee Shop inside!

And here’s the new yearbook!

Whadya think of the Anniversary Party! 😀 Comment and let us know!

~ Dooyaga


Club Penguin Moutain Expedition Construction!

Hey guys! 😀

The Moutain Expedition is coming very soon so Club Penguin has a little construction site set up! Let’s take a look!

The Moutain Expedition starts August 13, so bundle up your parka’s and gear up for this epic adventure! 😉

~ Dooyaga, CheatingCP Main Owner

Field Op Week #7!

Hey guys! 😀

It’s time for a new EPF Field Op! Let’s take a look at this weeks assignment!

Cool, eh?
~ Dooyaga

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Club Penguin Stamps Ultimate Guide!

Hey guys! 😀

Finally, stamps have arrived! If you ask me, this is a pretty cool Club Penguin segment. Let’s check it out!

First off, let me tell you how you get to your Stamp Book! Go to your player card, then there’s a stamp icon below the coins icon.

Click on the stamp icon and your Stamp Book will open. There you can look at the instructions for stamp collecting, how to earn stamps, plus members can customize their stamp book with different colors, designs and much more!

How to earn stamps:

To earn stamps you must pretty much play games and complete mini tasks on CP.

That’s pretty much all there is to collecting stamps! 😀

What do you think of this new idea? Comment and let us know!

~ Dooyaga

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Field – Ops Week #2!

Hey Penguins,

This Is Pingu Ninja2 Posting. :] You May Have Seen My Name On Authors For Long, But I Have Been Busy With Club Penguin Cooler So Couldn’t Post. But Now That My Bro Dooyaga Asked To, I Thought, Why Not Help Him A Little? ;D So Today I’ll Tell You The Cheats For Field – Ops Week #2! Enjoy. Oh And BTW, Using My Sister’s Windyy1’s Penguin Since I’ve Done Field – Ops Already :]

1. Go To EPF Hq
2. Click On Field – Ops Screen
3. Accept The Task

4. Go To Ski Hill
5. Walk Next To The Pole

6. Solve The Maze / Puzzle
7. To Solve It You Must Charge Every Charging Spot

8. After Solving It, You’ll Get Rewarded By Special EPF Medal That You Can Redeem For Items.

I Think These Field – Ops Tasks Are Great! They Keep Agents Ready Weekly! You Like ‘Em? I Don’t LOVE, But I Think It’s Great New Way For Club Penguin To Get New Agents Join :]

– Pingu Ninja2 –

Penguin Storm Ilimination Project!

Hello Penguins!

This is really important btw. REALLY IMPORTANT! As you know, I have been trying to stop penguins from using Penguin Storm or other Club Penguin 3rd Party Programs. Well, I TRIED to tell you guys, but around 99% of you didn’t listen. NOW CLUB PENGUIN HAS A WAY OF DETECTING IF YOU USE PS OR IMPACT WETHER YOU USE THE CHEATS OR NOT!!! I told you guys to listen to me! They’re banning all members first, so I suggest you kick PS off your comp IMEDIATLY!

What’s new? Reviewed By You!

Hello penguins! Billybob asked last week “If you could hang out with Rockhopper for a day on the Island, what would you do?” And Squeaky 5066 told us:

If I could spend a day with Rockhopper we would swim with the fishes and sunbath on a rock and get out our picnic hamper to see what goodies it held, then we could go on a boat and do some fishing followed by scuba diving and lastly swim with the dolphins.

Today, Billybob asked “What would you do to keep the Island safe?” Go and answer this question by clicking here. Remember to comment with your penguin name so Club Penguin adds 10 000 coins to your penguin!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Mopcom, Author.